Copper – “Husbands and Fathers” – A Review

I am still not quite sure what to make of this program. 

The new BBC America show COPPER likes to really push the envelope and I enjoy that as much as the next person but I am really wondering if it’s for story purposes or if they see that as the only way to compete with a show like BREAKING BAD. 

In the second episode, the sad tale of the poor girl Annie continues to unfold as more players enter the arena in regards to her future. 

They don’t let up on the violence at all as misfortune strikes Det. Corcoran, which leads to a very, VERY shocking ending to the episode. 

I wish I could be glowing about this program but the jury is still out on it for me. 

This is either DEADWOOD’s least violent episode, or LAW & ORDER’s most violent. That being said, I think the set pieces are wonderful, the acting is magnificent and the atmosphere is great. I just don’t know if the show knows what it wants to be yet.


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