The Newsroom – “The Greater Fool” (Season Finale Review)

I am not afraid to admit, when promos for this show first started airing, I was not on board for the ride. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Sorkin’s work, but not on the level some folks may be. I appreciate his work and think that SPORTS NIGHT was some of his best stuff (I say this having never seen The West Wing). So granted, my opinion my be skewed just a tad.

I watched the first episode, against what I felt was my better judgement, and I am glad that I did. This is one of the best written and performed shows on television today and I almost passed it up.

The season finale was no exception. Just when you think they have the person who threatened Will nailed to the wall, things only get worse. Jim and Maggie finally have that “will they or won’t they” moment only to have things go in a really unfortunate direction. Will’s job is on the line when some rather important information about a rather important night gets leaked to the tabloids, all while Will lay in a hospital bed from a rather serious aliment. 

I’m not going to spoil things for you. I AM going to tell you that this show has gotten better and better over the course of the season and this episode is no exception. Just when you think things are being settled, something else comes in to rattle the cage just a little bit more. 

This episode is jovial, heartbreaking, inspiring and so much more. If Sorkin is to be remembered for one thing, let it be THE NEWSROOM. 


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