George Lucas: The Hero Inside the Villain

By now, you’ve heard the news. You know that Disney is soon to be the proud owner of Lucasfilm for the sum of 4.05 BILLION dollars. Yes. Billion with a B, and that a new set of Star Wars films are on the way. 

You’ve also probably said, in public or private, your thoughts on this. You’ve made your jokes about Disney infecting Star Wars or the reversal there of.  

No matter how much you hate George Lucas. Be it for the prequels or the constant changes to the original trilogy, the man has finally shown his true colors, much like Vader revealed to Luke at the end of Jedi that there was still good inside of him. 

Near the end of the year, the deal will be finalized and since George owns 100% of the company, and there is very little debt, that means he’s going to have a TON of cash on hand. 

So what is he going to do with that money? 

Well he’s going to put a large amount of the money into a foundation that deals only with educational issues. 

Instead of messing with films that everyone loves, he wants to help people get a decent education, the cornerstone of a good society.  For this, I applaud him. 

In a society where billionaires try to extort elected officials and people profit from suffering, it’s amazing to see someone help so much where it is needed. 

Kudos George, and may the force always be with you.


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