First and foremost I would like to thank everyone involved in BECOMING UNDEAD II. Brandon Nichols, Tom Emmerich, Zach Wilson and the amazing Krystle Street for putting up with the hell she was put through. I truly hope that the love in this film is shown and you show it the love that I feel it deserves. 
That leads me to my announcement. My entire career as a filmmaker, I’ve made horror films. Hell, this is a sequel to the first film I ever made and with that, I am here to tell you that I am not going to be making horror films again, for a very, very long time. I have so many other stories that need to be told that just aren’t in that world. I need to try and make my bones a different way. 
For those that have supported me, I hope you continue to do so, even if the films I make don’t make you wee yourself. You are all special to me and I love you all. 
Now, enjoy BECOMING UNDEAD II and share it with your friends. Let’s make this one HUGE. Go out with a bang. This is the time to show the world that a guy from Wisconsin can shine as bright as the stars!


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