IRON MAN 3 – A Review

There were a lot of things that folks were worried about when it came to Iron Man 3. 

Would Shane Black live up to the previous 2 films that Jon Favreau has given us? Could the film stand up against the block buster that was The Avengers? 

The answer to both, is yes. 

This film may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Tony spends more time out of the suit than in, and there is a twist that might put folks off, but I found it to be very gratifying. 

This isnt a very cut and dry super hero film. It’s really about Tony coming to grips with the fact that he essentially died in The Avengers, and that he isn’t the biggest fish in the super-hero world anymore. All the while facing a villain that has left him on his own without help from the guy with a hammer or the big green dude. It also shows just how intelligent Tony really is and how far his tech has really come. 

Shane Black really makes this his own picture and it really does have that feel of a Lethal Weapon movie. There was a point where Tony and Rhodey were running around and I was waiting for Rhodey to say that he was too old for this shit. But it was a really welcome shot in the arm to the film as a whole.

This may not be a very popular thing to say about the film, but I really find it to the best in the Iron Man franchise and a wonderful bookend to what seems to be the final time we see RDJ in a stand alone Iron Man film. 


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