Going into this film I had amazingly high hopes. I heard it was darker, and had a bit of a more serious tone to it and I like that with my slashers. I was also very curious about the job that first time director, BJ McDonnell, would do with the property now that Adam Green has seemingly stepped down as director.

It was darker, and it did have a much more serious tone to it and I absolutely love the job that BJ did on the film. That being said, the movie lacked something rather important; a script. Now don’t get me wrong, there are the witty comments and banter between characters, but it just seemed like the same ol’, retreaded slasher schtick.

However, I can honestly say that this, far and away, the best looking slasher film that I have EVER seen. EVER. And a sequence between Victor and a SWAT team was one of the coolest segments of the film.

It’s not something that is gonna change the world, or re-invent the wheel, but, baring glaring script issues, its a fun little horror flick that looks amazing. McDonnell shows that you can make something look epic on a smaller budget if you know what you are doing and he does.

So if you’re a fan of the genre, you will enjoy this, but don’t try and convert your friends with it.


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