I’m going to start this review very plainly and succinctly. I do not remember laughing as hard as I did during THIS IS THE END as I have in a long, long time. 

The story is simple. Jay comes into town to hang out with Seth, and Seth takes him to James Franco’s party, filled with celebrities from Rhianna, to McLovin and Michael Cera. We also find Jonah Hill, and Craig Robinson there to almost round out the cast. Seems pretty simple right? Well, then the rapture begins and the real hilarity begins.

They start to ration out the remaining supplies until their rescue when they find in the morning, Danny McBride, eating a good portion of what they have left. 

I’m not going to get into more details because the ending is priceless and the cameos are hilarious. I won’t give away the identity of the “Gimp” because it may make certain folks cry. Some with laughter, other legitimate tears. 

The real stand outs of the film are Michael Cera in his limited scenes that make you pee from laughing so hard and Craig Robinson who just steals every scene he is in. 

Now this may not be for everyone. It’s a Seth Rogen movie, so you kind of know what you are getting into from the start but this is by far the funniest one that he has been in. 

This is totally worth a viewing. 


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