RIP Harold Ramis

RIP Harold Ramis

My mother and I didn’t really do a lot of things as I was growing up. It wasn’t because she was a bad mother, it was because she was out working, making a wage to keep a roof over our head and food in my ever growing belly. So when we did do something it was extra special.

That’s how it was when I went to Westgate Cinema in Racine with my mom to see Ghostbusters. I sat there in awe about what I was seeing on the screen but I knew I loved every bit of it, and continue to love it to this day.

I realize that was the thing that I wanted to do, I wanted to make folks laugh. I wanted to entertain and Ramis’ death leaves a hole in my child hood that I’ll never get back.

Rest in Peace, Harold.

I’m off to watch Ghostbusters with a Caddyshack chaser.


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