I’m Gunna Let You Finish…

We all know it’s coming. I’m just trying to prepare you for it. 

Oh You Guys…

With it being Labor Day weekend, we expected that a lot of the usual spots that support our affairs in the cinema would be MIA to cover the release of LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH. 

Then YOU happened. 

The loyal fan that we have built over the BECOMING UNDEADs and the SOCIAL MEDIA MASSACREs. You stuck by us and kept the views coming, the “likes” on Youtube. You did that. And we love you for it. 

Enjoy your Labor Day, I’m going to be playing the whore and getting what we have come to cal “LINE” out there for more folks to check out. We’ve been doing a lot of talking about things and the horizon looks creepy and disturbing. 

Stay with us!
xo Ron


That’s right, TONIGHT (9.1.2011) is the official release of LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH. Starring Tina Renee Grace (What they Say), Brandon Nichols and Amber Rose Rodriguez. Written & Directed by yours  truly! 

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We wouldn’t be here without all of your support, so this one, this is for you!